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Revitalize Your Vehicle with Edmonton's Premier Auto Detailing Service: Star Fleet Detailing

Based in Edmonton, Star Fleet Detailing is dedicated to providing quality auto detailing services that go beyond mere cleanliness. We see your vehicle as more than just a means of getting from A to B; it's an integral part of your day-to-day life. Whether you opt for our in-shop services or prefer the convenience of our mobile detailing team, our focus on using the latest cleaning technologies means we offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. A well-maintained car isn't just a sight to behold; it's a vehicle that performs at its best and lasts longer, delivering you a safer and more satisfying driving experience.
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Auto Detailing For Busy Edmontonians

Life in Edmonton is fast-paced and ever-changing, and you need a detailing service that can keep up. Choose between our in-shop detailing options or the flexibility of our mobile service that comes right to your doorstep. Our experienced team, boasting a 5-star rating and an impeccable safety record, guarantees that your vehicle is in reliable hands. Star Fleet Detailing stands by the quality of its work, offering a diverse range of services designed to exceed your auto detailing expectations.

And don't forget since we also offer mobile auto detailing services across Edmonton, we make it easy and convenient for you! Delivering our services to your chosen location without compromising on the thoroughness and effectiveness of our detailing is what sets us apart!

Fully Detailed Jeep
Freshly Detailed RV
Freshly Detailed Airplane
Squeaky Clean Boat Fresh From A Detail

    Star Fleet Detailing - Elevating Every Journey with Impeccably Detailed Autos in Edmonton

    Hit the Edmonton roads with renewed pride and confidence when your vehicle shines like it's fresh off the lot. At Star Fleet Detailing, we don't just clean cars; we elevate your entire driving experience by adding a touch of luxury to your everyday vehicle. From busy parents to high-flying executives, our meticulous attention to detail and advanced cleaning technologies have been the silent co-pilots in thousands of smooth, enjoyable rides across Edmonton.

    Car Detailing - Drive Cleaner, Feel Better, and Impress at Every Turn

    Picture yourself cruising the Edmonton roads in a car so immaculate, it looks as though it's just been driven off the dealership lot. With Star Fleet Detailing, this can be your reality. We specialize in meticulous car detailing, focusing on every element of your vehicle, from the interior to the exterior.

    Inside, we lavish attention on your upholstery, dashboard, and all the little places where dirt and grime can hide. Outside, your car’s paintwork, wheels, and trim are treated with the same level of care. Safety is paramount; our team strictly adheres to proven protocols, guaranteeing not just a clean car but a safely detailed one.

    Choosing Star Fleet Detailing in Edmonton isn’t merely about getting a cleaner car; it's about upgrading your entire driving experience. Contact us for a personalized, no-obligation quote and transform the way you feel about driving.

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    Car Detailing Edmonton
    Fully Detailed Jeep

    Truck Detailing - Designed for the Demands of Alberta Roads

    Whether it's a workhorse for job sites or a weekend adventurer, your truck faces unique challenges. Star Fleet Detailing ensures your truck not only meets but exceeds those challenges, looking as good as it performs. Our team applies the same level of detail to trucks as we do to smaller vehicles, focusing on both form and function.

    Our cleaning and detailing services are specially designed for the unique needs of truck owners. Every part— from the front grille to the tailgate—receives specialized care to meet our high standards. Quality and safety are never compromised; our team works diligently to deliver a service that both elevates your truck’s appearance and ensures it's ready for whatever lies ahead.

    By choosing Star Fleet Detailing, you're opting for a complete transformation, not just a quick clean. Contact us today for a customized quote and prepare yourself for a next-level trucking experience

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    Mobile Auto Detailing - For Every Vehicle Type

    Our mobile auto detailing service at Star Fleet Detailing is designed with Edmonton's diverse range of vehicle owners in mind. We bring our efficient and effective detailing services to your doorstep, using products and techniques that suit various vehicle types. Whether it’s maintaining the appearance of a new car, rejuvenating an older model, or managing a fleet, our mobile service is a practical solution for high-quality auto care. Star Fleet Detailing is dedicated to delivering exceptional vehicle detailing wherever you need us.
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    Fully Detailed Jeep

    Star Fleet Detailing's Mobile Auto Detailing Process

    Step 1

    Making the Connection

    Reach Out to Us: Your journey with Star Fleet begins with a simple call or online inquiry. Our responsive team is ready to discuss your auto detailing needs.

    Scheduling: We work with your schedule to pick a convenient time and place for the detailing service.

    Step 2

    Service Confirmation

    Appointment Details: We confirm your service details and send a reminder to ensure everything is set for the appointed day.

    Preparation: Our experts prepare the necessary tools and eco-conscious products, specifically chosen for your vehicle.

    Step 3

    Arrival and Assessment

    On-Time Arrival: Our mobile unit arrives at your location, fully equipped and ready to start.

    Evaluation: A comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle is conducted to tailor our approach to its specific needs.

    Step 4

    Detailing Begins

    Exterior Perfection: From washing to applying protective finishes, we meticulously treat your vehicle’s exterior.

    Interior Revitalization: Thorough cleaning of interiors, including vacuuming and shampooing, focusing on every detail for a pristine finish.

    Custom Treatments: Depending on your selected package, additional services like steam cleaning and leather treatment are provided.

    Step 5

    Quality Assurance

    Inspecting Excellence: Post-detailing, our team conducts a thorough inspection to ensure perfection in every aspect.

    Final Touches: Any areas needing extra attention are finely tuned to meet our high standards.

    Step 6

    Walkthrough And Expectations

    Walk-Through with You: We guide you through the detailing work, ensuring it aligns with your expectations.

    Feedback and Care Tips: We value your input and offer tips for maintaining your vehicle's newfound splendor.

    Step 7

    Continued Support

    Post-Service Check-In: Expect a follow-up from us to confirm your satisfaction and to answer any queries.

    Future Planning: We discuss and set up any future detailing appointments or regular care routines for your vehicle.

    Step 8

    Enjoy the Star Fleet Sparkle

    Ready for the Road: Your vehicle is now set to shine, reflecting the meticulous care of Star Fleet Detailing.

    Here for You: We remain at your service for any future detailing needs or advice on maintaining your vehicle's condition.

    Our Detailing Packages

    Maintenance Package

    Pet Hair, Dirt Imbedded Carpets and Stained Seats Require Premium Package ...



    • Car/Sedan - $104.99
    • SUV Small/Hatchback - $129.99
    • SUV Mid-Size - $149.99
    • SUV Large - $179.99
    • SUV XL/Minivan - $209.99
    • Truck/Reg. Cab - $159.99
    • Truck/Crew Cab - $189.99

    Recommended For

    • Light Duty Detailing
    • Sanitize All Interior Surfaces
    • Vacuum Throughout
    • Detail Nooks and Crannies
    Call Now: (587) 991-3301
    Car Detailing Services - Premium Package

    Premium Package

    Prices below apply to in-shop service only. For mobile service, please check fees below ...



    • Car/Sedan - $199.99
    • SUV Small/Hatchback - $219.99
    • SUV Mid-Size - $249.99
    • SUV Large - $294.99
    • SUV XL/Minivan - $349.99
    • Truck/Reg. Cab - $209.99
    • Truck/Crew Cab - $269.99

    All Services Included in The Maintenance Package Plus The Following

    • Steam/Shampoo Carpet and Seats
    • Clean/Condition Leather Seats
    • Steam/Shampoo 1 Set of Floor Mats (2nd Set - $29.99)
    • Spot Treat Stains on Headliner
    Call Now: (587) 991-3301
    Car Detailing Services - Ultimate Package

    Ultimate Package

    Ultimate in Car Detailing, Restores and Reconditions Your Ride ...



    • Car/Sedan - $599.99
    • SUV Small/Hatchback - $649.99
    • SUV Mid-size & Large - $699.99
    • SUV Large - $749.99
    • SUV XL - $799.99
    • Reg Cab Truck - $649.99
    • Extended Cab/Crew Cab - $689.99

    All Services Included in The Premium Package Plus The Following

    • Interior Vinyl Dressing
    • Engine Bay Detailing
    • Paint Decontamination
    • Power Polish & Paint Sealant
    • Black Trim Conditioning or Chrome Trim Polish (Wheels Extra)
    Call Now: (587) 991-3301
    Car Detailing Services - Add-Ons


    Interior Add-Ons

    • Headliner (Sedan/Truck) - $39.99
    • Headliner (SUV/Minivan) - $49.99
    • Rubber Mats Dressing - $19.99
    • Steam & Shampoo Child Seat - $24.99
    • Leather Vapor Clean + Condition - $79.99
    • Fabric Stain Guard - $69.99
    • Ozone for Odors - $49.99/hr
    • Remove Personal Items From Vehicle - $29.99
    • Pet Hair Removal - $39.99 per 1/2 hour
    • Interior Vinyl Dressing - $39.99

    Exterior Add-Ons

    • Exterior Wash Starting at $34.99
    • Tar Removal - $29.99
    • Clay Bar Treatment - $95.99
    • 1 Step Polish - $249 and Up
    • 2 Step Polish - $449 and up
    • Spray Wax - starting at $99.99
    • Wax Sealant (3-6 mth protection) - $149.00 and up
    • Ceramic Wax - $199.00 and up
    • Polish Chrome Trim - $49.99
    • Polish Chrome Wheel - $45.99/ea
    • Engine Bay Detailing - $79.99
    • Undercarriage Wash - $95/hr
    • Headlight Restoration - $124.99/Pair
    • Black Trim Restorer - $99.99
    • Windshield Ceramic Coating - $49.99
    • Windshield Repair - $39.99 for first chip, $24.99 / per additional chip
    • Decal Removal - $95.00 / hour
    Call Now: (587) 991-3301
    Car Detailing Services - Mobile Detailing

    Mobile Detailing

    • West Edmonton Mall - $29.99
    • Castledowns - $39.99
    • St. Albert - $39.99
    • Acheson - $39.99
    • Edmonton Tower - $39.99
    • Londonderry - $39.99
    • Ottwell - $49.99
    • Tervilleger - $49.99
    • Millwoods - $49.99
    • Bonnie Doon - $49.99
    • Spruce Grove - $49.99
    • Sherwood Park - $59.99
    • Nisku - $59.99
    • Stoney Plain - $59.99
    • Devon - $59.99
    • Leduc - $69.99
    • Fort Saskatchewan - $69.99
    • Hillsdale - $69.99
    • Gibbons - $69.99
    • Morinville - $69.99
    • Beaumont - $79.99
    • Other Areas - Please Call
    Call Now: (587) 991-3301
    Star Fleet Cropped Work Vehicle

    You Can Depend On Us

    Choosing the right mobile auto detailing service can seem challenging in an industry where uniform standards are rare. It’s important to know who to trust with your vehicle’s care on the go.

    Star Fleet Detailing stands out in this landscape, specifically tailored for mobile auto detailing. With over five years of experience and handling more than 1,200 vehicle details each year, our expertise is evident. Our technicians, each with at least two years of hands-on experience, are not just skilled but also mobile-ready. They arrive equipped with a selection of high-quality tools and supplies, tailored for on-site detailing, ensuring your vehicle receives thorough and expert care wherever you are.


    Your vehicle's pristine finish isn't just a hope—it's a guarantee we stand by. Over the span of 2.5 years, our dedication to superior auto detailing has consistently driven us to a prestigious 5-star rating, anchored by the trust of repeat customers and glowing feedback.


    In the auto detailing industry, expertise isn't just beneficial—it's essential. That's why Star Fleet Detailing ensures every technician on our team has a minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience.

    But our commitment doesn't stop at delivering a gleaming vehicle. With top-of-the-line equipment and meticulous procedures, our focus on safety is unwavering, proven by our impeccable record of zero workplace incidents.

    Entrust your car or truck to the seasoned hands at Star Fleet Detailing in Edmonton, and experience detailing that's as committed to safety as it is to shine.

    Rest assured, your car or truck is in the safest and most adept hands with Star Fleet Detailing in Edmonton.

    Star Fleet Detailing - Where Every Car Gets VIP Treatment

    Ready to see your vehicle shine like never before? Connect with Star Fleet Detailing for mobile auto detailing that brings exceptional care right to your doorstep. Our expertise isn't just limited to cars, trucks, and SUVs; we bring our detailing magic to RVs, industrial machinery, and even watercraft. Plus, we're pioneering in Canada with our premium Ceramic Coating Products from DuraSlic Canada, offering you the latest in vehicle protection technology.

    Don't just take our word for it – explore our gallery to see the outstanding work we've done for clients like the Edmonton Flying Club. Whether on land, sea, or air, Star Fleet Detailing is your go-to for mobile detailing excellence. Contact us now to book your service and transform your vehicle's appearance with our expert touch.


    Our reputation is not about what we say and how well we did our job. It’s the great feedback we receive from our customers, referrals and repeat visits to our shop year after year that speak for itself, and how well we do our job. You will not be disappointed.

    Some of our top clients!

    When it comes to quality and reliability, our clients trust us to get the job done right the first time, every time. Over the years, Mobile Auto Detail Doctor has detailed thousands of vehicles not only for our residential customers but also to some of the most recognizable businesses in the Edmonton area. Sky is the limit on what we can detail since we also detail aircrafts.

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