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Star Fleet is Edmonton's Mobile Auto & Car Detailer

Star Fleet Detailing brings professional mobile auto and car detailing services to any location in Edmonton. Our team of detailers, trained with decades of auto detailing expertise, ensures your vehicle not only shines brilliantly but also remains in pristine condition.
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Star Fleet Detailing - Expert Mobile Auto Detailing in Edmonton

Star Fleet Detailing offers mobile auto detailing services across Edmonton, focusing on professional care for your vehicle right where you are. Our team brings a commitment to detailed workmanship and customer satisfaction to every job, ensuring your personal or fleet vehicle receives the attention it deserves. We make it easy and convenient for you, delivering our services to your chosen location without compromising on the thoroughness and effectiveness of our detailing
Freshly Cleaned Excavator
Freshly Detailed Jeep
Classic Car That Was Detailed
Freshly Detailed Firetruck
    Star Fleet Auto Detailer

    Mobile Detailing, for Every Vehicle Type

    Our mobile auto detailing service at Star Fleet Detailing is designed with Edmonton's diverse range of vehicle owners in mind. We bring our efficient and effective detailing services to your doorstep, using products and techniques that suit various vehicle types. Whether it’s maintaining the appearance of a new car, rejuvenating an older model, or managing a fleet, our mobile service is a practical solution for high-quality auto care. Star Fleet Detailing is dedicated to delivering exceptional vehicle detailing wherever you need us.

    Mobile Auto Detailing Anywhere In Edmonton

    Star Fleet Detailing specializes in mobile detailing services for individual cars and automobiles in Edmonton. We invite car owners to experience the convenience and quality of our mobile service, designed to cater to your specific needs. Our portfolio, featuring before-and-after images, showcases the transformation we bring to every vehicle, emphasizing our focus on detailed and personalized care. Connect with us to see how our mobile auto detailing can maintain and enhance the appearance of your vehicle.
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    Fully Detailed Jeep
    Freshly Cleaned Excavator
    Freshly Detailed Firetruck
    Freshly Detailed RV

      Star Fleet Detailing's Mobile Auto Detailing Process

      Step 1

      Making the Connection

      Reach Out to Us: Your journey with Star Fleet begins with a simple call or online inquiry. Our responsive team is ready to discuss your auto detailing needs.

      Scheduling: We work with your schedule to pick a convenient time and place for the detailing service.

      Step 2

      Service Confirmation

      Appointment Details: We confirm your service details and send a reminder to ensure everything is set for the appointed day.

      Preparation: Our experts prepare the necessary tools and eco-conscious products, specifically chosen for your vehicle.

      Step 3

      Arrival and Assessment

      On-Time Arrival: Our mobile unit arrives at your location, fully equipped and ready to start.

      Evaluation: A comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle is conducted to tailor our approach to its specific needs.

      Step 4

      Detailing Begins

      Exterior Perfection: From washing to applying protective finishes, we meticulously treat your vehicle’s exterior.

      Interior Revitalization: Thorough cleaning of interiors, including vacuuming and shampooing, focusing on every detail for a pristine finish.

      Custom Treatments: Depending on your selected package, additional services like steam cleaning and leather treatment are provided.

      Step 5

      Quality Assurance

      Inspecting Excellence: Post-detailing, our team conducts a thorough inspection to ensure perfection in every aspect.

      Final Touches: Any areas needing extra attention are finely tuned to meet our high standards.

      Step 6

      Walkthrough And Expectations

      Walk-Through with You: We guide you through the detailing work, ensuring it aligns with your expectations.

      Feedback and Care Tips: We value your input and offer tips for maintaining your vehicle's newfound splendor.

      Step 7

      Continued Support

      Post-Service Check-In: Expect a follow-up from us to confirm your satisfaction and to answer any queries.

      Future Planning: We discuss and set up any future detailing appointments or regular care routines for your vehicle.

      Step 8

      Enjoy the Star Fleet Sparkle

      Ready for the Road: Your vehicle is now set to shine, reflecting the meticulous care of Star Fleet Detailing.

      Here for You: We remain at your service for any future detailing needs or advice on maintaining your vehicle's condition.

      Star Fleet Cropped Work Vehicle

      You Can Depend On Us

      Choosing the right mobile auto detailing service can seem challenging in an industry where uniform standards are rare. It’s important to know who to trust with your vehicle’s care on the go.

      Star Fleet Detailing stands out in this landscape, specifically tailored for mobile auto detailing. With over five years of experience and handling more than 1,200 vehicle details each year, our expertise is evident. Our technicians, each with at least two years of hands-on experience, are not just skilled but also mobile-ready. They arrive equipped with a selection of high-quality tools and supplies, tailored for on-site detailing, ensuring your vehicle receives thorough and expert care wherever you are.

      Star Fleet Detailing - Where Every Car Gets VIP Treatment

      Ready to see your vehicle shine like never before? Connect with Star Fleet Detailing for mobile auto detailing that brings exceptional care right to your doorstep. Our expertise isn't just limited to cars, trucks, and SUVs; we bring our detailing magic to RVs, industrial machinery, and even watercraft. Plus, we're pioneering in Canada with our premium Ceramic Coating Products from DuraSlic Canada, offering you the latest in vehicle protection technology.

      Don't just take our word for it – explore our gallery to see the outstanding work we've done for clients like the Edmonton Flying Club. Whether on land, sea, or air, Star Fleet Detailing is your go-to for mobile detailing excellence. Contact us now to book your service and transform your vehicle's appearance with our expert touch.


      Our reputation is not about what we say and how well we did our job. It’s the great feedback we receive from our customers, referrals and repeat visits to our shop year after year that speak for itself, and how well we do our job. You will not be disappointed.

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      based on 122 reviews

      This is my theird and definitely not my last visit at mobile Auto! I love the level of professionalism and the work they put into the services they provide. By far the best auto detail shop in Alberta! My vehicle was a nightmare to even think of driving. I'm thankful to have had it detailed before by mobile auto and Immediately knew where I needed to take my baby for a complete interior detail and man everyyime I drive my vehicle from the shop home I feel like I just drove off the dealership lot! As it should be! Best in the city hands down anytime any day and place! DR. mobile all the way!!


      Francisco Martínez

      Did a great job interior cleaning on my semi! Very happy!


      Conner Johnstone

      Over and above what was expected! With the weather being cold this week, they came and picked up all 3 of my vehicles and brought them indoors at their shop. Great communication on status of vehicles. Then they returned them and it looked like I picked them up again from the showroom floor.
      Thanks again


      keith black

      Top quality product and top quality workmanship.


      Tom Nickerson

      Best customer service and their work is wonderful👌


      Thembi Danisa

      My truck had paint on the door and the back gate. They were able to take it all off! Great service at a great price!


      S Gautron

        What Our Clients Are Saying About Star Fleet Detailing

        For reliable and thorough mobile auto detailing, Star Fleet Detailing is the choice of many in Edmonton. Our track record includes detailing thousands of vehicles for both private owners and well-known businesses in the area. We bring our detailed approach to a variety of vehicles, not just limited to cars but extending to aircraft as well. Choose Star Fleet Detailing for a mobile detailing service that consistently meets your high standards.
        Edmonton Flying Club
        Government of Canada
        Continential Cartage
        Flynn Commercial Roofing
        TransX Transport
        Rotera Piling
        Pinnacle Pipe and Heavy Haul
        Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited
        Manitoulin Transport
        Lafarge Construction
        Graham Construction
        Canada Cartage
        Edmonton Police Service

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