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Make Your Car Look Its Best with Star Fleet Detailing's Car Detailing Services, Right in Your Driveway or at Our Edmonton Shop

At Star Fleet Detailing in Edmonton, we make your car look its best with our expert detailing. We use eco-friendly products to clean your car thoroughly, making it shine and removing allergens for a more comfortable ride. Our commitment to you means your vehicle not only looks great but is taken care of by dedicated and customer-focused detailers.
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Star Fleet Detailing - Keeping Edmonton's Cars Shining

We've honed our car detailing services for years, learning how to best counteract Edmonton's challenge effects on your car. Our attention to detail ensures that your vehicle will be protected against corrosiion with protective coatings, such as wax or cermaic. We also work tirelessly to remove all dirt, salt and other contaminants that get into your car from Edmonton's dusty roads. In addition, we will exprertly inspect your windows and tires for signs of wear and tear, making sure you aren't caught unawares by any hard to spot damages caused by Edmonton's weather.
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    Star Fleet Auto Detailer

    Custimized Detailing For Every Class Of Car

    At Star Fleet Detailing, every car gets its own special care plan, just like how different plants need different amounts of water and sunlight. We think about what each car needs to look its best, whether it's brand new or has seen many miles. Here’s how we do it:

    Exerpeince the Star Fleet Detailing Difference for Your Car

    With over tens years of experience and over 1,200 vehicles detailed annually, Star Fleet Detailing brings consistent care and quality service to you and your car. Our expertise isn't just in the breadth of cars we've perfected; it's in the personalized approach we bring to each one. From luxury sedans to rugged SUVs, our detailers apply their deep knowledge and eco-friendly practices to protect and enhance your vehicle's appearance.
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    Freshly Detailed Luxury Vehicle

      Star Fleet Detailing's Mobile Auto Detailing Process


      Contact Us

      • Reach Out to Us: Start by contacting us through a call, email or online booking. Our team is here to help expertly guide you on what the best detailing service will be for you.

      • Appointment Scheduling: Together, we select a convenient time for you to bring your vehicle to our Edmonton shop, ensuring a pain-free process from start to finish.


      Confirmation of Service

      • Detailing Plan Confirmation: We finalize the details of your appointment and send a reminder to ensure you're ready for the appointment.

      • Tool and Product Selection: Our professionals prepare by selecting the appropriate tools and eco-friendly products that are most suitable for your car.


      Vehicle Assessment

      • Arrival at Our Facility: Upon your arrival, our team is ready to begin the detailing your car.

      • Vehicle Evaluation: A detailed evaluation is conducted to customize our detailing process, ensuring it actually meets the need of your vehicle.


      Detailing Process

      • Exterior Detailing: The process begins with a comprehensive wash, followed by the application of protective finishes to enhance the vehicle’s exterior.

      • Interior Cleaning: The interior receives a deep clean, including vacuuming and shampooing, focusing on every detail to achieve a clean and refreshed interior.

      • Specialized Treatments: Additional services, such as steam cleaning and leather conditioning, are provided based on the package you choose for a complete detailing experience.


      Quality Check

      • Inspection of Work: After detailing, our team performs a thorough inspection to ensure their work meets your standards.

      • Final Adjustments: If any problems are found, we will perform additional detailing to ensure you are satsified with the quality of our work.


      Review and Advice

      • Service Walk-Through: We review the completed work with you, ensuring the detailing meets your expectations and explaining what has been done.

      • Maintenance Tips: We provide practical advice on how to maintain your vehicle's condition post-detailing is provided, helping you keep your car looking its best, as long as possible. *Optional*



      • Post-Service Follow-Up: We contact you after the service to confirm your satisfaction with our work and address any questions.

      • Planning Future Detailing: We discuss future detailing needs and confirm future appointments, if necessary.


      Our reputation is not about what we say and how well we did our job. It’s the great feedback we receive from our customers, referrals and repeat visits to our shop year after year that speak for itself, and how well we do our job. You will not be disappointed.

      Google rating score: 4.5 of 5,
      based on 122 reviews

      This is my theird and definitely not my last visit at mobile Auto! I love the level of professionalism and the work they put into the services they provide. By far the best auto detail shop in Alberta! My vehicle was a nightmare to even think of driving. I'm thankful to have had it detailed before by mobile auto and Immediately knew where I needed to take my baby for a complete interior detail and man everyyime I drive my vehicle from the shop home I feel like I just drove off the dealership lot! As it should be! Best in the city hands down anytime any day and place! DR. mobile all the way!!


      Francisco Martínez

      Did a great job interior cleaning on my semi! Very happy!


      Conner Johnstone

      Over and above what was expected! With the weather being cold this week, they came and picked up all 3 of my vehicles and brought them indoors at their shop. Great communication on status of vehicles. Then they returned them and it looked like I picked them up again from the showroom floor.
      Thanks again


      keith black

      Top quality product and top quality workmanship.


      Tom Nickerson

      Best customer service and their work is wonderful👌


      Thembi Danisa

      My truck had paint on the door and the back gate. They were able to take it all off! Great service at a great price!


      S Gautron

        Star Fleet Cropped Work Vehicle

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        Star Fleet Detailing - Where Edmonton Goes For Exceptional Detailing

        Prepare for your car to exhibit an unmatched glow, exclusively with Star Fleet Detailing’s expert services in Edmonton. While we're renowned for detailing everything from family cars to specialized vehicles, including RVs and boats, our shop is also home to Canada's leading Ceramic Coating solutions by DuraSlic Canada, ensuring your vehicle receives unparalleled protection.

        You don't have to take just our word for it; our gallery speaks volumes of the meticulous work we’ve accomplished, notably for esteemed entities like the Edmonton Flying Club. Regardless of where you use yoru vehicle—land, sea, or sky—Star Fleet Detailing is your ultimate choice for comprehensive care. And for those that need detailing at home, we even can even offer you assistance with mobile detailing services.

        What Our Clients Are Saying About Star Fleet Detailing

        Bring your vehicle to Star Fleet Detailing for expert protection against the rigors of Edmonton's weather, ensuring it remains pristine in both appearance and performance.

        Within the Edmonton community, Star Fleet Detailing has earned a solid reputation through positive customer testimonials and strong partnerships with local businesses. You can read exactly what Edmonton thinks about us on Google.

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